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Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor

Institute of American Indian Arts
Instruction and Reference Librarian
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Monday, March 21

2:00pm CDT

Wednesday, March 23

11:00am CDT

Monday, March 28

12:00pm CDT

Tuesday, April 5

7:30am CDT

9:00am CDT

10:00am CDT

2:00pm CDT

4:30pm CDT

6:30pm CDT

Wednesday, April 6

12:45pm CDT

2:30pm CDT

3:45pm CDT

Thursday, April 7

9:00am CDT

10:15am CDT

12:45pm CDT

2:15pm CDT

3:00pm CDT

4:15pm CDT

6:30pm CDT

Friday, April 8

8:30am CDT

1:45pm CDT